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Wall Panels

The number of builders and contractors utilizing prefabricated wall panels continues to grow every year. Customers utilizing Stauffer panels have experienced shortened construction cycle times, drastically reduced jobsite waste, and improved product consistency.

Stauffer panels are fabricated using a variety of stud species (S-P-F, Hem Fir, Doug Fir) depending on an individual customer’s needs. Treated southern pine, manufactured at our own treating plant, is utilized for bottom plates. Our experienced technicians convert your plans and specifications to cutting information which is sent to our automated saws. Computerized drawings are then sent directly to our shop floor for paperless production.

Our production lines feature state-of-the-art assembly equipment allowing us to utilize nails or staples as required. With our newly designed "tilt table", every panel can be safely raised in seconds to allow for a thorough quality check at the end of the line prior to stacking.

Each wall panel is clearly marked and delivered in bundles designed to improve jobsite efficiency. Floor layouts are provided which clearly show the positioning of each panel on your job.